Microdosing for science

This week, the Leiden University psychedelic research team will be kicking off their microdosing study by hosting the first info sessions for participants. The aim of the study is to find what the effects of microdosing are on cognition, mood and creativity.

People who have microdose report all sorts of benefits, like beinig more focused, having more creative thoughts and being more open to others. However, critics could argue that all of this may simply be in the mind of the microdoser and that most of it can be attributed to a placebo effect. Scientific research can help change this and this study in particular since it makes use of a control group. This means half of the participants will take microdoses of Magic Truffles during the course of two weeks, while the other half will take placebos. Participants will be “blind” to the group they’re in. By comparing these two groups the researchers will be able to differentiate between placebo effects and the effects that purely come from Magic Truffles.

For this study the psychedelic research team of Leiden University joins forces with the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands and gontinic.com/magictruffles2. The Psychedelic Society will be handling the info sessions in which participants are properly educated on microdosing. gontinic.com/magictruffles2 will of course be sponsoring the Magic Truffles for this great scientific cause.

Exciting times we live in, don’t you think? We will keep you posted on the progress and results of this interesting research. In the meantime, why don’t you tell us about your experiences with microdosing in the comments below.